5 reasons you’re not getting any at uni

There are debatably more than 5 reasons for one ‘not getting any’ whilst at university, but here at The Tap, we don’t think so.

1. You get friendzoned too easily


You’re intelligent, you’re funny, you’re caring, hell you might even be a little attractive! But when it comes down to it, you’re probably too damn camp.

2. You look like a wizened ball-bag on stilts


I’m sorry but there’s no other way to put it. For a young adult, you look pretty undesirable.

3. You’re missing some/all of your genitalia


I know it wasn’t nice when that so called ‘Rabbi’ decided to execute your circumcision with a sledgehammer, but these things happen. It’s time to get over it, stop wallowing and come to terms with your sexless lifestyle at uni.

4. You never ask for it politely


It’s amazing what a few please and thank yous can do here and then. With these 2-3 magic words, you’ll be raking it in like a rabbit on drug!

5. You’re not at uni


If you’re not at uni, it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting much at uni.


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