How many herbs and spices in Theresa May’s new cabinet can you name?

On the evening of July 11th, Theresa May was appointed ‘Big Chief Tory Girl!’ and ‘King of the Jews’. This meant but one thing for her. Time for a new cabinet, and time to fill it with spices.

1.  Basil


A timeless classic that Theresa just can’t get enough of!

2.  Ground Cumin


Delicious with any kind of Mexican, Indian or Moroccan cuisine. Good choice Theresa!

3.  Paprika


Doesn’t that look appetising. Luckily for Mrs May, it’s in her new cabinet!

4.  Disappointment Juice


Though not technically a spice or herb, it’s in her cabinet. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

5.  A Cool Hat


Wrong list, sorry.

6.  A Sage


This neat herb has been used by people around the globe for decades, so unsurprisingly, it has wormed it’s way into soon-to-be mother, Theresa’s cabinet!

7.  Nutmeg


“Through the legs my son!” they would say to her when she was but a young fascist, referencing the contents of her future cabinet.

8.  Ranarr Weed


Though from a completely different reality to ours, our good friend Theresa somehow managed to smuggle this herb into her new cabinet.

How many did you get? I bet you didn’t even try because no one takes these titles seriously anymore.


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