University of Bath. Not just a weird concept, but poor grammar

Baths. You can’t live in one, but you can live with one, however that’s not the reason I’m here today. Apparently there is a ‘University of Bath’, and I just don’t quite understand what that is and what it entails.


So as far as I know, a bath is an inanimate, body washing vessel that 9 times out of 10 is attached to some sort of water dispenser, be it The Tap or simply Tom and his overactive salivary glands. Now for the aforementioned university to be ‘of Bath’, this could imply a number of things:

  1. The university is made out of baths or at least one big bath.
  2. It’s an educational establishment for baths, or a bath.
  3. It’s a normal university that teaches the ways of the bath.
  4. Mr Bath is a big sponsor.

If any of the things listed above are true, then the grammar is all wrong. Now unless it was named so by that useless french exchange student that seems to only be able to say ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘thank you’ and ‘what is wifi’, I simply can’t understand the logic is behind it, if there is any at all. I’m sure the brains behind this grammatical travesty have good reasons for it, but for the majority, it’s just embarrassing.


I mean let’s be real here. ‘University of Baths’ would make a lot more sense and maybe even a decent HBO series. ‘University for Baths’ would work too, even if it is a peculiar target demographic. The elephant in the room is clearly the lack of pluralisation of the word ‘Bath’, or at least the blatant absence of a definite or indefinite article preceding it. If either of these solutions were to be implemented, then this whole…

Oh shit Bath’s a place isn’t it.


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