We asked 9 regular ketamine users what Brexit means to them

A few days ago we took to the universities of England to get some takes on Brexit from borderline ketamine addicts.

1.  Chris Pistopher-Fistophers – University of Leeds

Portrait of smiling student in training course

“Yeah I mean no it’s pretty bad, but like, you gotta just keep going and not get dragged down by that sort of thing you know? Make the most of what you got.”

2.  Camilla Stuart – University of York

Smiling student using a tablet computer

“Brexit? I guess it’s annoying and all for some people, but not me. I think it was the right decision at this point in time and that we dodged a like financial bullet getting out of the EU when we did. Please, my eyes are up here.”

3.  Greg Timothy – King’s College London


“I don’t where anything is. I’m so lost.”

4.  Johnty Turnageton – University of Cambridge


“Well. See here, I didn’t actually vote because I quite frankly had better things to do at that point in time. However, just because I didn’t vote doesn’t mean that I don’t have a strong opinion about it. I was and still am a firm believer that we should have remained inside the EU. The political, financial and socio-economic benefits gained from staying inside far outweigh any potential, and might I add unsure, benefits gained from leaving. Excuse me, my eyes are up here.”

5.  Stanley Peadeepea-Lee – University of Sussex

Male university student sitting on ground with textbooks, using laptop, smiling, portrait

“I think I had one for breakfast.”

6.  Tilly Tillsboroughson – University of Sheffield

Outdoors portrait of a beautiful tanned teen student girl.

“Euuurrghhhh. Mmmmmmm I, I just. Ah shit. Can you, can you just like. Ahhh, ask me later. Ooooh jeez, thanks.”

7.  Jack Doris – University of East Anglia and his father, Doris Doris


“You’re dead to me.”

“What? Why dad?”

“I didn’t know you took fucking ketamine.”

8.  The Steve

1 (1)

“Brexit Brexit Brexit. Hmmm. Well I myself voted leave, because, well, in my opinion, being in the EU was more hassle than it was worth. All the regulative policies implemented by the big wigs in Brussels have been nothing but a detriment to our arguably ‘still recovering from 2008’ economy. Yes it has given us invaluable trading opportunities with other member countries, but in turn it has horribly restricted our chances of doing deals and partnering up with China, Brazil, Japan, India, etc. thus hindering our recovery, leading to a slowing in our overall economic development affecting living standards nationally. What are you doing? My eyes are down here.”

9.  Brunt Hobly-Noblybits – University of Manchester


“Brexit? Yeah I’ve heard of him. Some say he only comes out at night and breaks into clothes shops just to steal the buttons from mid-priced suit shirts. I even saw him once. He was walking down Oxford Road at 2am with a nerf gun, shouting at shadows and muttering something about brie.”



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