9 types of crayon all geography students need this year

Geography students frequently get mocked as colouring in pictures of floodplains takes up the vast majority of their time at University. Abuse is never acceptable, and at The Tap we feel it’s time to put an end to injustice by providing you with our guide to that hottest crayons on the market this season. You’ll never need that safe space again!

1. Red crayon


Without a red crayon you’re nothing. Geography student or not.

2. Greeny blue crayon


Great for all things river related, which is everything for you right?

3. Tall crayon


Are you really tall? Perhaps think about getting a taller crayon or many taller crayons to match your freakish height.

4. Homophobic crayon


We all know geography students possess an intrinsic loathing of the gays.

5. Cray crayon


This crayon is absolutely nuts. My one piece of advice would be to never turn your back on it.

6. Liquid crayon


Though physically impossible to use, it tastes like a better degree, so I’d imagine the demand for it is high.

7. More greeny blue crayons


You think I’m joking. But you really fucking need these.

8. Homeopathic crayon


Don’t ask. They sell them in WHSmith’s. Just get one.

9. Suicide crayon


It’s gunna be arduous and downright depressing colouring in rivers all day. You might need this one.


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