“Britain would be a very different place if my wife was black”

Now we all know that The Duke of Edinburgh is a chronic anti-Semite, but has he gone too far this time? Prince Phillip was recorded to have said unprompted that “Britain would be a very different place if my wife was black.” Following up with “she’d be my little queen of darkness”. Not only is this a really very peculiar thing to say, it’s angered thousands nationwide.

Jeb – Bristol


“Little queen of darkness? I don’t get why you’d just say that about your dear wife?”

Jim from over the fence – Over the fence


“Oh he said that? Cool man, what a crazy kid ehehe.”

Stoked Stokeson Stokes – Stoke


“Unbelievable he can get away with this filth just because he’s king or something.”

Greta Cigaretta – Portsmouth


“I thought was he was dead.”

The Queen – Near Legoland


“Cut me a slice of that ass! I wish I was relevant.”

It’s true that Britain would be somewhat different if the queen were black, but it’s just something that no one wants to be reminded of.


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