Igglepiggle was David Cameron the whole time

Not only was Igglepiggle starring in one of the most popular sitcoms of the decade: ‘In The Night Garden’, this big blue bastard was running the country.

In a interview with Igglepiggle for ‘Lusty, Busty And Blue’ magazine, it came to the surface what Igglepiggle was doing with his time when he wasn’t filming the show, to which the answer was something along the lines of: “I am David Cameron. Fear me. SQUEAK!”.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching ‘In The Night Garden’ pretty religiously since about the age of 15, and my god is it gripping. But knowing that sky-blue acting extraordinaire Igglepiggle was our very own PM for 6 years has not only changed my view on ‘David Cameron’, but has really changed my outlook on the show too.


“How did nobody notice?” I hear you holler. One’s first thought would be that Igglepiggle used a somewhat traditional ‘Be David Cameron Today!‘ suit, but I don’t think it’s that simple. After some research, we at The Tap found out that Mr Cameron did a speech at 10 Downing Street at the same time as a performance of ‘In the Night Garden Live’ back in 2012. And just like my expanding allotment, the plot thickens.

We decided to go out and question illusion maverick Igglepiggle ourselves to gather some more information firsthand, but when we got to the Igglepiggle residence and knocked on the door, all we could hear was lots of peculiar squeaking, so we left empty handed.

But remarkably we had learned something very important through all of this. Just because you’re a fat, blue, very handicapped, squeaking moron, doesn’t mean Igglepiggle won’t dress as you.




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