Student Literally Finds Himself Whilst On Gap Year

Normally when someone says they’ve ‘found themselves’ after a year of bumming shrivelled monks in Tibet I just down my drink and then excuse myself by telling them both my parents have just died. But like most words, ‘normally’ doesn’t always mean ‘every time’. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that the other day I met this top bloke at uni called Andrew McKnewit who literally found himself whilst on his gap year.

You heard me right! He found an identical version of himself whilst clubbing in an abandoned butcher’s shop in Sweden; both Andrews were wearing the same pants, had the same parents, the same personality and even both liked Coldplay. They haven’t seen each other since, reportedly due to the fact they lost each other’s numbers after taking enough MDMA to kill a horse.


Aren’t they just so similar?

However, I took Andrew out for dinner a week after our first meeting, but didn’t want to give him the wrong impression so I took him to Zizzi. Anyhow, I questioned Andrew for several hours about his new lost self over a bottle of Pinot Grigio, but before he could answer any of my questions he gargled on his drink and proceeded to excuse himself because he’d just found out that both his parents had died. It really was a weird night!

 Who knows man? This article was some real good finger lickin’ click bait, and you’ve been framed!


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