5 ways to procrastinate you wish we didn’t just tell you

If you’re anything like us at The Tap, you’re useless, lazy and downright pathetic when it comes to being motivated and following through with fun but laborious ideas, such as writing a song, getting fit or starting a joke news site. So here are some fun ways to waste away your one chance at life on this earth!

1.  Spend more time clicking on related youtube videos than you would with your family and friends


Hey, who needs those dweebs anyway?! You got your screen and your fingers and the whole whacky internet world to yourself.

2.  Play thumb wars against yourself


Though physically improbable without two right hands (or left hands, we don’t discriminate), if you do manage it, please write in to http://www.thetapthumbfetish.co.bitweird

3.  Learn all 34 books by heart


So there’s 34 books right? Yeah. Learn them all. Word by bloody word. I don’t why you should do this instead of calling your local herb dealer, but it’ll pass the thyme (sorry).

4.  Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a bit late


That’s right, it’s Lizzy’s big day again! Well it certainly is in your procrastinating eyes and other bits of you. This is a fantastic way to make the time fly and spend the day putting up bunting and eating mediocre cocktail sausages on an itchy rug.

5.  Mess up your bedroom completely


I guess this one’s only funny if you’re procrastinating tidying your room…

Hope this helps, gang!



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