How raves helped one boy forget his middle class lineage

Accepting your privileges in life can be hard, especially when you’re so ashamed of your suburban home, your loving family and the fact that other people are worse off than you! You’re angry with life’s injustices, you redirect your self hatred at your parents, and you disobey them on purpose by going to illegal raves and getting strangers to inject you with speed! That’s what Hillary Mendell-Clancery found during his teenage years; that raves can just be a great way to forget about your wonderful life for just an evening, before returning to the life of entitlement you’ll eventually learn to love. However, The Tap did some digging to find out what other people thought about rave culture:

1. Judy Garland


Poppers and MD and raving to bright lights,
Taking my top off and getting in big fights.
I force my mandem to call me the king,
These are a few of my favourite things.

2. A Small Dog


I just don’t understand it. In fact I don’t understand anything, other than the fact I am an inferior being and must obey my cruel, cruel master.

3. Bunch of top lads


It’s just our way of expressing ourselves. You play croquet, we do ket. You like Mozart, we like Fetty Wap. Get with the times brother.

4. Another small dog


I literally don’t give a shit.

5. A very generic drug dealer


Vitamin A, Vitamin B. I’m even dealing Vitamin C mate. It’ll give you the perfect high for a night out, trust me fam, me and Billy had a blast doing narcotics the other night!


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