Hot and steamy cup of tea outrageously rated PG

Hot, steamy and moist. Juicy, fruity and dripping. And yet this fine beverage is still only rated with a ‘Parental Guidance’ status? What kind of sick world is this? Who in their right mind would share such an risqué experience with their children?

Finding Nemo was bad enough when it was rated ‘U’! Surprised to hear that? Well, sit back and enjoy the ride boy. It has been observed that when lacking a female counterpart in a school of clown fish, males are able to change their biological sex and become female. So, instead of an inspirational and heartfelt story about a father finding his son, Finding Nemo is actually about a father on a sexual rampage to capture his son, only to then turn him into a little lady fish, with the aim of having children with his own offspring. Not cool dude!


But back to the tea. I’m calling for a boycott of PG Tips, as I refuse to cooperate with a culture that normalises sex to underage children! Fine if you want to drink Yorkshire or Twinings, but PG Tips simply have to go. I bet it was that stupid monkey’s idea: primal, animalistic scum!




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